Powerful Remedies For Internal Hemorrhoids

What to do when our internal hemorrhoid is already a big bother to us? It is a real challenge but there are effective remedies available which are easy to do. techpiled

External hemorrhoids are often easier to treat because it is exposed in the open. Treatment is often topical and could easily be relieved. However, there are external hemorrhoids that also need surgery as the only remedy option. Internal hemorrhoids, in contrast, are harder to treat because of their concealed nature. But here are some preparations to get the situation controlled. realisticmag

One remedy we can try is rubber band constriction. Tightly loop a clean rubber band around the lowest portion of the internal hemorrhoid. The idea is to restrict the circulation of blood around the source of the hemorrhoid and stop the bleeding. This would hopefully bring about a drying of the hemorrhoidal flesh and heal and fall off. This process takes about 4 days to a week.

We can also try the sitz baths to relieve itchiness and pain. Sometimes, with the right temperature, it can also relieve swelling of internal hemorrhoids. To do this, simply mix hot and tap water in a tub or any similar vessel where we may sit in with legs stretched forward. Make sure the temperature is just right for our endurance-not too hot. Neither should the water be too cold as to be useless for this procedure. mommasays

When seated in the tub with legs stretched forward the water should reach our waist. This ensures that our anus is effectively reached by the hot water. Soak into this warm tub for minutes for a super relief from itchiness, pain, and swelling caused by internal hemorrhoids. Do this several times a day, as our schedule permits, and at least 15 minutes per session.

Or we may opt for sclerotherapy. This is through the use of injections. This procedure is effective especially with newly manifested internal hemorrhoids. The physician injects a medical solution to harden the hemorrhoid. When the hemorrhoid is swelled up the veins are constricted causing the internal hemorrhoid to decrease in size eventually. For more Info please visit these sites:- https://ivu.ro/

For a hi-tech remedy try the use of infra-red treatment that stimulates coagulation. Infra-red light is directed to the internal hemorrhoid to clot blood and cut-off blood supply to the affected area. Because no blood keeps the hemorrhoid alive it will reduce in size and hopefully disappear. The procedure is safe.


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