Your Online Business According to Kobe Bryant Part 4 – What Competition?

Giants to Face

This is the fourth and final article in our four-part series on developing our online business by using the mindset of a champion like NBA star, Kobe Bryant. sokaworld

Bryant is an amazing athlete having been referred to by many as an “ultimate scorer.” His career average stands at 25.0 points per game. That alone indicates his consistency and his ongoing dedication to the game. He is adept at creating shots for himself and is a skilled outside shooter – in other words, he makes things happen. kinmagazine

In his career he’s played against all of the best-known, most-renowned players in the history of the sport. He knows how to face down the competition and never lets the power or reputation of another team dominate his thinking. For him, the competition is the best part of the game. Listen to the champ: businesschamp

“I’m playing against great players, playing against the best in the world. The competition – that’s what I’ve always wanted.”

If you are looking for a home-based, online business (or have already started one) do you let the thoughts of the giants out there frighten you? Or is that your motivation to jump in there and join them? It’s what you’ve always wanted! businesssalt

Fear of the Gurus

You’re working hard. You’re out there surfing the net with the best of them, and that has become your big problem – the best of them are scaring you away. You read about the gurus who have been building businesses since the nineties.
Others are just kids and they have all this savvy and they’ve got this online marketing system all figure out. You’re having a real problem seeing yourself competing against them. There are so many of them. In fact, you have a real problem seeing yourself at the top along with them.

Are you feeling insecure and frightened? Well guess what – the rest of them out there feel the same way. Never overestimate your competition. You have more power than you think. Your goals and dreams are achievable. The truth is, the bigger your goals and the higher you set your sights, the fewer there will be to compete with.

One in a Million

Zig Ziglar’s saying is so true: “There’s room at the top.” The reason being there are so few who have enough commitment and determination to get up there. There will always be room at the top. Only you can determine if you have that commitment and that determination.

Kobe Bryant grew up playing basketball. His father played the game, and he’d been around it all his life. He loved the game. His dream was to go straight from high school right into the NBA. He was told in no uncertain terms that there were giants in his path:

“The guy said NBA players are one in a million, … I said, ‘Man, look, I’m going to be that one in a million.'”

And he did just that! What about Your Giants? Yes, there are thousands of people looking on the Internet for a good business opportunity to hook up with. Some are creating their own businesses. Are there giants out there? Yes there are. They are the one-in-a-million group that Kobe referred to. Do you have what it takes to move up to the top and do what they do? Do you want to – as Kobe put it – play against the best in the world? You can. You can do anything you put your mind to. You too can be that one in million. In this four-part article series, For more info please visit these sites:- we’ve ascertained that to be a winner in an online business and internet marketing you can learn from Kobe Bryant:

1. Stay Patient
2. Have a strong desire
3. See the negatives as your opportunity to rise
4. Face down your competition and become one in a million.

If you follow these winning patterns in the life of a career champion, you will soon enjoy the kind of success that is beyond anything you could have ever imagined.

Go for it!

Robert Walcher, D.C.

Rob Walcher can be considered as one who knows how to create a high-dollar income on the Internet. He shot to the top in two different direct sales companies in a matter of 18 months and has become known as the Ten-Figure Guru. Rob has subsequently helped hundreds of entrepreneurs achieve their own success.


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