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Choosing your bridal gown; it’s possibly the most exciting event in your wedding planning process. It’s finally your turn to carefully select the dress to over shadow all other dresses. Its memory will live on forever in photographs and video footage, and for one whole day you’re on display for all to see. Now if that’s not pressure, then I don’t know what is.

It can be an overwhelming experience at the best of times, with a mind-blowing array of styles, designs and shades to choose from. You want to make sure you’re going to choose the dress that will make you look and feel your absolute best on the big day, but where do you start and how do you stop yourself from straying down the wrong paths?

Enjoy your wedding dress shopping forays and don’t allow the stress of decision making get to you by following this simple guide of do’s and don’ts.


· Do your research before you even think about stepping into a bridal boutique. Spend your evenings flicking through bridal magazines, wedding blogs and online mood boards. It’s inevitable that you will get carried away, after all who hasn’t lost an entire afternoon to the likes of Pinterest? However, it will give you an insight into what you like and what you want to avoid, allowing you to turn up to your appointments and explain to the assistants exactly what you’d like to try on. Don’t leave them guessing, you’ll only end up wasting both your time and theirs.

· Be open-minded. You shouldn’t be afraid to try on something that may seem completely different to what you had in mind. Often the dress you picture in your head won’t live up to expectations and something totally unexpected will make you feel like a glamourous movie star. If for no other reason, trying on something out of your comfort zone could show you what you definitely don’t want. Bringing a helpful friend or your mother will also help your choice. This experience can be overwhelming and confusing and having someone there with a trusted opinion and your best interests at heart will make the decision a thousand times easier. india forums

· Consider your body shape. We’ve all seen Gok working his magic on women up and down the country. Take a leaf out of his book and find out exactly what sort of shape you are. Whether you’re petite, athletic, pear, apple or the enviable hourglass, there is most certainly something out there for everyone. Finding out the cuts and fabrics that most suit you will allow you to rule out any dresses that aren’t going to flatter you and promptly choose something that will allow you to look and feel fabulous.

· Consider your skin tone. To avoid looking washed out on the big day remember that the paler your complexion, the warmer you should go in terms of colour. If you can’t find the perfect shade of white, ivory or cream to suit you then don’t rule out the slightly more ‘out there’ colours. Pale pink, faded peach and pale mochas can all be flattering and surprisingly subtle shades for bridal gowns, and if it works for you then why ever not?

· Keep in mind the location, venue and season when looking for your perfect dress. There are thousands of different styles of dresses to choose form, from classic to contemporary, shorter hemlines, longer hemlines, Grecian gowns, strapless, sleeveless and so on. Don’t get carried away with an idea that just isn’t going to work; a meringue style dress for example, with its heavy layers of fabric and netting, will not work at a beach wedding in Mexico where, as the bride, you will be positively melting.

· Set a budget from the get go and don’t look at anything outside of your price range. This will only lead to disappoint and longing after that one thing you just can’t have. There are dresses out there for every price range and if you do see something you like that you can’t afford then shop around and see what similar designs others have to offer.

· Practice moving about in your dress. You don’t want to be uncomfortable on your wedding day, you’ve done all the stressing and this should be your time to wind down. If you can’t breathe properly or go to the toilet unaided, you really need to carefully consider what you’re letting yourself in for.


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