Korean Vet – We Are Next

Korean Vets, our time is coming. The WWI guys are gone and there are only a few left from WWII. Those of us from the Korean War are looking over our shoulders for our obituaries. The Big Die-Off is coming. However, I am not capitulating. In fact, I am having one of the most enjoyable and rewarding periods of my life.

At 75, I greet each new day with a broad smile as I look forward to filling it with satisfying accomplishments. I’m decades older than my male antecedents. As I worked my way through the years, I made the observation that those involved in creative pursuits seemed to last longer than others. I spent a good portion of my life in the family tradition of drawing, painting and sculpting. However, 링크모음 reduced physical capabilities, a shaky hand and impaired vision created a need for change. I switched to writing as my primary creative pursuit.

News reports are testimonials to the advanced ages of the inventive minds.

Elliott Carter, the celebrated composer is 100 and still creating new work. Arthur C. Clarke, the famous science fiction author, who died in March 2008 was 91. The list goes on. These people keep their creative juices flowing, thus preventing mind rot. They seldom retire in the conventional sense of the word. They are having too much fun.

Writing has a long list of alluring advantages. It can be done in any language. It requires no particular physical dexterity or conditioning beyond normal levels. You don’t need a two-some, a four-some, or 5, 7, 9 or 11. No court, track, field or course has to be reserved.

There is no expenditure for specialized equipment. It is completely portable. You can engage in this activity at your desk or on the kitchen table, in the front or back yards, in the park or aboard an airplane. There are no rain dates or snow days. It need not be called because of darkness.

Normally, I have two novels going at any given time. My day book is written on a legal pad, which is kept on a clipboard in the car. Each weekday afternoon I go to a coffee house where I string more words together. In addition, I add to it while waiting at the repair shop or a doctor’s office. I write between my salad and entrée.

My night book is done on the computer when I’m home, whether it is day or night. It is amazing how quickly words pile up. Since 2001 I have published a dozen novels. In addition to those, there are seven more sitting on the shelf, all edited and ready for publication. There are five more that have yet to go through the final editing process.


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