The Advantages of Prince2

The fact is that no matter what size your company or corporation is and what business niche it occupies, ekszer-elek it can and will benefit from the Prince2 management training course. It’s just common sense, and that is when your project managers possess more advanced skills to oversee projects, your organization benefits on multiple levels.

Established in 1989 by what is now the UK Office of Government Commerce, what makes this management methodology study program so different from all the others out there, gudu is it’s approved and accredited by the British government.

In fact this is the very training regimen that they use to government managers advanced training.

The Prince Management training program was created and based off of principles of an earlier program known as PROMPT. A project management oriented training regimen that was created by Simpact Systems Ltd. back in 1975.

The training program was adopted by the CCTA in 1979 until when it was subsequently replaced by Prince.

The Prince program was then upgraded to the Prince2 program which is what is now taught today. That upgrade happened back in 1996, and in total some 150 European business and government entities have contributed to what is now the prince2 training program. hobbijaim

It can best be described as taking a structured approach to project management, enveloped in a well defined framework where a project is broken down into separate more easily defined and managed increments.

Project portions if you will, that are then completed in a step-by-step process really is the core foundation of this management program.

So step one in the training process is for a project manager to achieve certification with what is known as the Prince2 foundation qualification.

This certification means the trainee has a comprehensive understanding of the basic principles and methodology of the Prince2 program. Then up from that, is what is known as Prince2 Practitioner Exam. receptek

With this exam, student’s ability for managing and overseeing the project utilizing Prince2 basic principles is assessed. It’s not an easy exam, and in fact statistically some 36% of all training candidates take the three hour test fail.

At the same time, although it may be new to them, so much of what the management student studies and comes to eventually learn is really quite basic. For instance the program teaches how to manage a project in group system off of a basic wall mounted storyboard.

The first phase is when the managing supervisor analyzes and breaks up an assigned project into its separate parts or increments. Step two, is to assign these separate parts to individuals or groups in the project team based on their level of skill and experience. olcsobbszerviz

The storyboard or project board is then used to track project parts as they are tracked, completed and finally marked off.

In the final phase, all the parts are gathered together and assembled to form the completed project. Once the project has been completed it is then sent up in the organization as yet a new project is seamlessly brought up, put up on the board to begin the process yet again.


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