Motorcycles, Luxury Homes and Cars – And Millionaires: Who Is Rich?

… “A tinker, a tailor. a soldier, imi9bet a sailor. A rich man, a poor man… ” How many times had Bill heard that childish rhyme while growing up as his sisters and their friends chanted it over and over to the beat of the winding jump rope pounding against the sidewalk! Who would have ever imagined that those very same sing-song words would mock him in the future, playing over and over again in his mind – “a rich man, a poor man, a poor man…

How it happened, Bill wasn’t quite sure. He and his wife had been so content as newlyweds. Starting out as a young couple in Teaneck, NJ, everything had appeared simple – so tranquil. They were happy with what they had, enjoying their blessings to the fullest. joker681

Yet, slowly their expectations began to change. Their modest expectations in life transformed into grander and more elaborate things. And the day-to-day grind became a busy whirlwind of pursuing the objects they wanted.

As time marched forward the endless pile of bills began to accumulate, the pressures began to mount and what Bill and his wife thought were the basics of their needs seemed unattainable. That lovely house with the large porch and sunny kitchen was beyond what they could afford, joker78 the exciting overseas travel vacations remained tortuous figments of their dreams and the fancy summer camps that all their friends seemed to be sending their children to were things they were forced to do without. Slowly, life took on a bitter edge. Their days were spent observing what the neighbors were doing and what they were purchasing, robbing them of the peace of mind that we had once owned.

Then came the bare awful crunch. The secure job that Bill had worked at for all those years came to an abrupt end. In one split instant his entire livelihood went poof! pggame365

The bills, the pressures and our ever demanding needs were simply not prepared for that mammoth loss. Somehow the old chanting in Bill’s head: “a poor man, a poor man, a poor man,” began its haunting ridicule to the beat of the pounding jump rope on the pavement – wickedly never letting up. Life now took on a miserable existence of searching for a well-paying job, balancing the ever-escalating debts and doing agonizingly without.

Yet it was the phone call from Phil Brown that changed Bill’s life, shattered his vision of right and wrong, and shook him to the core.

Phil… Bill hadn’t heard from old Phil since graduating high school. Phil the Joker, as he was affectionately called. Last Bill had heard about Phil was through the grapevine in regard to some kind of vehicular accident he and his motorcycle gang had been involved in years ago. Well, now it appeared as if Phil had decided to reunite the ties of yesteryear. For old times sake, he had said. To exchange experiences and rekindle an old friendship.

The invitation had surely come as a surprise to Bill, especially since he had never been too close a friend of Phil’s. But time was on Bill’s hands these days since losing his job and there really was no reason for him to decline. Besides, Phil was always known for his slapstick humor. What with the hard times that had recently befallen him, Bill was certain that Phil the Joker would be the right antidote for him. For more info visit these sites: 168galaxy

The appointed Tuesday afternoon at two o’clock arrived and there Bill was standing outside the elegant high-society home in that exclusive Deal, NJ neighborhood that the likes of him never had any reason to visit.

So! This was Phil Brown! A millionaire in a posh, fancy residence.The Phil who never EVER took life seriously; Phil Brown who never lifted a finger if he didn’t have to – who sailed through school, never studying for tests or bothering to hand in required reports.

The past was the past and, well, it certainly looked as if luck had been on Phil’s side, as if he had become a man of the world! As Bill stood gazing at the elegant house that was Phil Brown’s home, the awful resentment welled up inside of him like a great ball of fire, heating and cooking up by each minute.

The injustice of it! The sheer unfairness! While others like Phil had made away with the scholastics, Bill had toiled in school, consistently exerting myself, staying up at nights, missing parties and other social events so as to keep up those grades and preserve scholastic progress. Then, he had imagined all the efforts would help him in the real world when he could lean on my youthful diligence for economic security and success.

And now this.

Here Bill was – no job – no money- no future. And Phil the Joker? Phil, the enjoyer of the good life. Phil the millionaire.

As the bitter tears welled up, a stately shiny black limousine pulled along the side of Bill and a chauffeur in crisp uniform stepped out, opening the passenger door.

So, Bill thought to himself! Phil and his servant!

Before Bill’s very own tearful eyes, Phil did indeed exit that grand shiny limousine – but not before the chauffeur, in his black-leathered gloved hands, unfolded the wheel chair reserved for the handicapped and helped Phil the Millionaire into it. The millionaire was an invalid without any legs!

Oh, G-d, forgive me! Poor man? Not me. I am TRULY the millionaire.

A rich man… a rich man… a rich man… a rich man…

Do we ever know the true explanation behind the world we live in? Can we actually fathom the awesome chain of events of the Almighty’s grand master plan?

Forgive us for the shallowness that can so easily creep into our lives, G-d. And grant us the fortitude to measure the genuine blessings bestowed upon us by You.


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