Being Batman For Fun

When you ask a child which superhero they would most like to be you can guarantee that Batman would be a popular answer. The chant of ‘Dinner, rg3th dinner, dinner, dinner-BATMAN!’ is synonymous with children’s playgrounds everywhere. Most children (and a great deal of adults as well!) would get a real kick out of dressing up in Batman costumes. You can rest assured that anyone turning up at fancy-dress parties wearing Batman costumes would be hard pushed to find many people that asked who they were supposed to be.

The famous Gothic character, who started out as ‘The Bat Man’, first appeared in ‘Detective Comics’#27 in 1939. In 1940 DC Comics went on to give ‘Batman’ his own self-titled publication. Since then ‘Batman’ has gone on to become one of the world’s most famous fictional characters. In May of this year it will be seventy years since his first outing as ‘The Caped Crusader’! v9slot

Batman has enjoyed a phenomenal success since his conception, not just being restricted to newspapers, books, comics and graphic novels, but going on to star in a string of hit TV shows and movies spanning over forty years. His character has evolved through several changes including the rather camp tongue-in cheek mid-sixties series starring Adam West. In many ways, however, he has also stayed the same. The Batman costumes have remained much the same. There has always been the dark and mysterious side to Batman and the nineteen-eighties saw a return to this darker image with a shift in style evident in his comics and the Tim Burton movie. joker8899z

Although our hero is not blessed with any strange or mystical powers like most of his counter- parts his life is still very much full of action and adventure. Like most superheroes Batman has a rather drab alter-ego (in this case it is Bruce Wayne) and a trusty side-kick known simply as Robin.

Over the years Batman has gained a large cult following and he has become a household name. Even many of his arch-enemies are much heard of such as The Riddler, The Joker and The Green Goblin. Because of the familiarity of all things Batman it would not be unusual to overhear sons, fathers and even grandfathers discussing the hero’s weaponry, foes and adventures with great earnest. 123maxx

Over the years the Batman franchise has grown and grown. The range of toys, comics, sweets, Batman costumes and posters is a formidable one. Not to forget the seemingly endless movies, the most recent of these being ‘The Dark Knight’ with Christian Bale playing his for a second time. thetechboy

And so if you are considering what to wear for a fancy- dress party then Batman costumes make a great choice. Donning an eye mask, cloak and tights for an evening to go out dressed as ‘The Caped Crusader’ is bound to be great fun! Plus your shad ruay88


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