3 Spiritual Tips to Successfully Choose Your Business Idea and Achieve Your Goal

Choosing a successful and profitable idea may be the most difficult task any entrepreneur could face in starting a business. This is because by making a wrong choice from the onset, ideasandmind the business is as good as dead and nothing good will ever come out of it. This been the case, achieving one’s goal therefore becomes an onerous task that can not be accomplished on a platter of gold without much sweat. Remember therefore that there is always a price to be paid in achieving a goal. You have to work for it albeit smarter and follow a plan or step that will succeed with minimum effort. With this in mind and all things been equal, you are likely to achieve your goal.

It is not uncommon for you to have experienced a situation where you are confused on what to do to achieve your desired goal in life? You may also have experienced a situation whereby you planned to achieve a goal/objective and everything has been completed only to fail at the end? At times you may have even started executing your plan yet the goal is unachievable. You seek expert advice and did everything humanly possible but alas you met a brick wall. You wonder: What might have gone wrong? What have I done or undone?. The fact is, you may never meet that goal or objective because you have failed to follow the easy spiritual tips to achieve your goal. And remember that, things occur in the spiritual before they manifest in the physical. Until you do that, ideashackers the goal or the business idea may continue to suffer the same fate, know matter how hard you try.

Therefore, anytime you decide to either choose a business idea or act on a goal or you want to accomplish a task, follow this easy tips and you will never regret it. The tips are simple but with religious undertone. It involves observing prayer at night just before you go to bed. You may even perform the prayer lying on your bed before sleeping. It should however be noted that you must be sincere and your relationship with God must be good to achieve results. You know what I mean. The 3 spiritual tips to choose a business idea and achieve your goal are stated below:

Tip 1

The Preparation. You need to get yourself prepared physically, psychologically and spiritually for the prayer. Tune your mind for the task ahead. Ensure you are in a clean condition and environment. i.e Clean your room, be in clean cloth and you can even take your bath before the prayer.

Tip 2

The Preamble. Thank or praise God for what He has done in your life. While thanking for the good things, implore Him to remove all the negative things in your life. Remember without Him you are nothing and whatever you have achieved so far is due to His bountiful mercy on you.

Tip 3

The Request. Tell your Creator what you are planning to do.i.e I want to establish an online business or I want to buy a car. Pray to God to reveal to you in any form if what you are going to do is good for you or not. Because your Creator knows you inside out. End your prayer by thanking God again. After this you can now take your sleep.

When you wake up the following morning, you will be surprised at what your God would have revealed to you during your sleep. If you don’t see any sign, repeat this procedure for the next 2 days. If nothing still, you can further try it for 4 more days totaling 7 days altogether. If you follow these steps, the results will be incredible. However, if after the 7 days, you don’t see anything during your sleeping relating to your particular goal, then forget it. That may not be your way. However, in the process, your Creator may show you a different idea or business to do. Please follow it. Your God is all knowing and He knows what is good for you.


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