Manny Pacquiao – The People’s Champion

Manny Pacquiao was born Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao on December 17, Apostille NYC 1978 in the impoverished neighborhood of Kibawe, Bukidnon in Mindanao, The Philippines. Before all the glory and riches were ever bestowed upon the star boxer, this ambitious young man who would one day become the Philippines’s most iconic figure was simply a young boy looking to survive the streets that brought him into this world. As a young boy, Pacquiao was already learning how to fight for his life, not in the ring but in the streets. His early childhood was not about winning boxing matches, becoming a world champion, Fight Night Champion PC or rising to become the Philippines most endearing and beloved iconic figure. He simply wanted to find food to feed himself and his family. Humbled by poverty, he always held a tight bond with his family and his devotion to God as a Roman Catholic to help him survive through the early years of hardship and hunger. Rising from humble beginnings, Manny used to sell a Filipino bread name pandesal in street corners to help his family survive starvation. Dubai Web Design Company

His mother Dionisia raised Manny, after his father left them along with 5 other children, and two of them were from his mother’s previous marriage. A man with a big heart originally wanted to become a priest, but his mother could not afford the education so he soon found boxing as the only alternative to make his family proud. Long hungry nights never stopped Him from pursuing his dream of becoming a masterful boxer so he can one day have all the money to help his family and the poor citizens from his town.

Today, Pacquiao can simply not stop giving back to the very people and the town that fed him and supported him through the many years of hardship. Despite the many cars, 12,000 square foot mansion, and fan fare at every corner, he has been able to simply be a regular individual like all his adoring fans. This past Thanksgiving in the USA, the celebrity boxer gave away 500 turkeys to feed the homeless and the poor. He also gave away $550,000 in fight ticket prices so all his Filipino childhood friends can see him live for his December, 6 fight with Oscar De la Hoya. Manny Pacquiao simply feels blessed to be able to give back and nothing can possibly make him more C8 Corvette
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simpleshowing genuinely happy than to give to those who reminds himself of his own roots and early suffering in life. When recently asked by a reporter why he was so overly generous to his countrymen and countrywomen, Pacquiao replied and said, “You know what? Our mission in this world – because I believe our mission in this world is not only to make money but we have a big responsibility. If you get the blessing from God, we are to give some of to your people and especially the poor people.” There is nothing further from the truth to describe Manny Pacquiao than a man that is simply, ‘The People’s People’.


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